DGBox Schedules allow automatic triggering of events based on a date and time schedule.

Creating Schedules

Expand the "Schedules" tree node and click "Add schedule".

Fill out the form to correctly represent your desired schedule.

Edit Schedule Events

Click on the "Schedule" node in the tree.

You will see all of your created schedules in the right pane. You can double-click the eye-ball to hide a specific schedule from the view. to create or edit events for a specific schedule type, please make sure to select it form the pane on the right first.

Clicking on an empty grid area will create a schedule event for a selected schedule.

Recurrence rules can be specified on the date tab.

Make sure to "Save" your schedule to persist it to the system by clicking the save button on the bottom right.

By default schedules will not control anything until you link them to one or more points in the system database.

Right-click a desired schedule node in the tree and select "Bind-from".

Right-click on a desired settable point and select "Bind-to" to make the schedule automatically control that point. After clicking on "Bind-to" you will see this conversion script field that allows you to convert or pre-process your value before settings it. Please refer to the Logic guide for more information on Logic in the DGBox.

Please note that if you are using BACNet and have a "Schedule" object mapped into the DGBox, then the "Bind-from", "Bind-to" workflow actually writes to the BACNet schedule to the device and allows the device to maintain the schedule even if the DGBox becomes disconnected.