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 +====== Fill and Border Pop-Ups ======
 +The Fill pop-up and Border pop-up let you choose a solid color, gradient, or image for an object background or border.
 +To open the Fill pop-up or Border pop-up, click the color swatch next to the property in the [[dglux5_wiki:​workspace_and_workflow:​panels_and_menus:​properties_panel|Properties panel]].
 +For information about Fill and Stroke properties, see [[dglux5_wiki:​widgets_and_property_inspector:​property_inspector:​allcomponents:​fill_stroke|Fill and Stroke Properties]].
 +When editing gradients: ​
 +  * To add a color, click below the track.
 +  * To specify a color, click the small square below the track and then use the color picker.
 +  * To delete a color, right-click the small square below the track.
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