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 +====== Document Window ======
 +The Document window is a WYSIWYG panel where you can view and edit pages. By default, it is located in the center of the DGLux5 workspace.
 +//The location of the Document window//
 +The top portion of the Document window contains breadcrumbs for the currently selected element. If DGLux5 is currently in [[dglux5_wiki:​widgets_and_property_inspector:​components:​symbols:​home|Symbol editing mode]], these breadcrumbs begin with **Symbol** and then the name of the symbol being edited. Otherwise, the breadcrumbs begin with **Stage**.
 +The top portion of the Document window also contains controls to change between [[dglux5_wiki:​workspace_and_workflow:​edit_preview:​home|Edit mode and Preview mode]], and to open the [[dglux5_wiki:​workspace_and_workflow:​viewer:​home|Viewer]].
 +In the main portion of the Document window, you can insert, select, move, resize, edit, and otherwise manipulate objects. For a guide to some basic operations for editing objects, see [[dglux5_wiki:​getting_started:​create_page|Create a Simple Page]] and [[dglux5_wiki:​widgets_and_property_inspector:​essentials:​home|Component and Widget Essentials]].
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